IPA Houses: Updates to IPA Romania details

Δεκ 19, 2018

Dear IPA friends

On behalf of SCC member Vossie Vos, in charge of IPA Houses, please find attached updates for the Hosting Book relating to IPA Romania.

The following changes have been made:

·         General contact details for IPA Romania (p.15)

·         Contact details of the 3 IPA Houses in Romania (pages 60-62)

These updates will also be included in the next version of the IPA Hosting Book.

Kind regards,

Elke Schülpen-Roberts

Office Manager

IPA International Administration Centre

IPA Houses RO Update Contact Details 2018 12

IPA Houses RO Giarmata 2018 12IPA Houses RO Gresu 2018 12

IPA Houses RO Lipova 2018 12

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