Women Police Officers International Conference

Women police officers from across the globe met on the island of Crete for an international conference and a member from IPA BTP Branch  was there representing Section UK.

Charlotte Cotterill, a serving officer with the British Transport Police, was selected to attend the conference and received funding of up to £300 to attend.

Writing about the conference Charlotte says, “For me, the most interesting and beneficial parts of the conference were the opportunities the delegates had to share issues and solutions. Although the majority of the messages put across were optimistic and celebratory, the delegates were not afraid to ask difficult questions -  as the former chief police officer of Greece found out when he was asked how many females he had promoted during his ten year office!  Many delegates discussed the issues of combining motherhood and the demands of the police service.”

Charlotte was impressed by the organisation of the event by IPA Section Greece. Her full account of the event will feature in a forthcoming edition of Police World.